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Take care of your brains...

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The first of three NFT collections with increasing storage rewards! Pay the minting fee and you will have your Neon Zombie!

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Price one item 0.03 BNB


The path to survival

Look, survivor, this is what we need to do to revive a normal society and get rid of the zombies. Catch those you can and act according to plan!

👾 Start Discord server

🔥 Opening website

🚀 Minting on BSC(Oct 2)

🔎 Rarity checking tool(at once)

✨ 10% of royalties goes to holders
(each NFT is a share of this percentage, at once)

🍄 Sales on marketplaces (Lootex & etc, 10% sales)

🎁 Giveaways among holders (50% sales)

❤️ Community development (daily)

😱 Launch on Solana (coming soon)


Memo for survivors

Hey survivor, check out the basic rules for dealing with zombies. There is nothing difficult about them, but do not neglect them, because these things can keep your brain intact.

How Neon Zombie appeared

Neon Zombies are generated from 83 accessory using a special algorithm. All zombies are unique. Different layers have an unequal drop chance. Proof of ownership is stored on the Binance Smart Chain.

How do I catch zombies (mint)?

Simply click on the mint button on the homepage to mint. Pay the minting fee and you will have your Neon Zombie NFT!

How do I view my Neon Zombie collection?

Go to the "Collection & Reward" tab on the menu and connect your wallet to view your Neon Zombie.

How do I collect a reward?

Open your collection on our website and click the "Withdraw" button. Profit!

How many Neon Zombies are there?

A horde of 10,000 Neon Zombies is moving towards us.

Why should you buy Neon Zombie?

During the minting phase, holders will earn 10% in passive BNB rewards from each minting transaction from the Neon Zombie collection. So the earlier you are, the more BNB rewards you will earn! Also, after all the zombies are caught, we will have a big mega-draw party for the holders.

Why will the value of Neon Zombie increase?

Neon Zombie is a collectible. The price increases depending on the rarity level of your NFT. Moreover, each Neon Zombie increases the passive income during the minting process and the likelihood of winning in the final.

How do you know the rarity of a zombie?

Every zombie you catch will undergo a rarity assessment by the hideout specialists. The survivors can see the result of the assessment on our website in the section my collection.

What is the Reward Club?

Neon Zombie is conceived as the first of three collections linked by a reward system.

Owners of NFT Neon Zombie will receive a reward from each subsequent collection with an increase in the share of the reward. The reward system works within a single blockchain.

If you own at least one zombie, you will receive a share of the minting of all subsequent NFTs in the Neon Zombie collection. The amount of the reward depends on the number of zombies stored in your wallet. The reward is allocated 10% of the budget for the Neon Zombie collection.


Join our club and become a part of it!

Join the community of survivors and watch the spread of the zombie virus!